Georgia, revolt against Russia. the woman’s video

Georgia like Ukraine: the desire to join the EU inflames the South Caucasus state overlooking the Black Sea and bordering Russia. It was a dramatic night in the capital Tbilisi: thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the “foreign agents” law. The demonstration reached the Parliament Building where people tried to overcome the barriers. A video went viral on the web (posted on Twitter by @dariodangelo91) in which a woman waves a European Union flag like crazy in front of police who, in riot gear, attacked demonstrators with pepper spray, tear gas and fire hydrants. The young Georgian is hit several times by a water cannon, but he does not give up and continues to wave the blue starry flag. Some men try to dissuade her, but when they are faced with such courage, they join her and protect her with their bodies. A very powerful image of freedom.

Eloquent writings “Fu*k Russia” also appeared in the capital. According to local TV, there were many arrests and several wounded in the clashes, including journalists. What is the “transparency of foreign influence” law already adopted by Belarus, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan? On Tuesday, the Russian-style bill, backed by the Georgian Dream party, which would introduce a register of organizations as “agents of foreign influence” passed at first reading. Under this law, non-commercial companies financed for more than 20% by foreign sources must be considered “foreign agents”. The goal? Restricting press freedom and repressing civil society. Historically, in fact, the term “agent” in Russia and Georgia means “spy” or “traitor”. Therefore, persons defined in this way would be judged as persons acting in the interests of foreign countries and not for the good of Georgia. EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Joseph Borrell condemned the initiative: “It is a very negative development. The law, in its current form, risks having a chilling effect on civil society and media organizations as it is incompatible with EU values ​​and standards. It goes against the stated goal of joining the European Union.” The US ambassador to Georgia (“black page of democracy”) and the president of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, are also opposed to this measure. From New York, where he is passing through, he expressed solidarity with the demonstrators: “I’m with you! We see our future in Europe and we will not allow anyone to deprive us of that future.” He has guaranteed that he will veto it, but Parliament has the power to annul it.

Source: IL Tempo