Murdered Venezuelan businessman had been in Barranquilla for three days: police

Little by little, details of the assassination attempt that took place in the early hours of this Tuesday, March 7, on Calle 90 with Carrera 46, in the north of Barranquilla, that claimed the life of Venezuelan businessman Ramsés Teobaldo Salazar Pineda, 56, come of age and injure the driver of the vehicle he was traveling in, identified as Rosalio Aurela Castro, age 44 and a native of Cartagena.

Regarding the bullet attack, information obtained by EL HERALDO revealed that Salazar Pineda was aboard a Toyota truck, license plate GHY-012, and at around 12:10 a.m. he was shot at by a person riding a motorcycle, in the company of an accomplice.

The criminal hit the passenger side of the truck several times, the location where Salazar Pineda was staying. According to court records, the Venezuelan was shot four times in the head and ended up dead in the car.

While Aurela Castro, 44 ​​years old and a native of Cartagena, was hit in the left forearm in the middle of the shooting.

This medium heard that the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla is investigating based on the recent moves that Salazar Pineda had in the town of Riohacha, in La Guajira, where he tried for about four months to contract with the local government in the provision of an ambulance service for the network of public hospitals.

A search of the house by the authorities also revealed that the murdered Venezuelan had already had the same ambulance rental and administration company last year in the municipality of San José del Guaviare, but between September and October the contract with the administration of this department of the Colombian Amazon.

The police are also dealing with the version that the murdered man had arrived in the capital of the Atlantic on Saturday evening and was apparently preparing to return to Bogotá, where he settled.

In addition, during the investigation, the armed group found out that the person was in a nearby mall to make some purchases before being shot.

Source: El heraldo