Lawyer pays 400 euros to have sex with little girl but it’s a trap

A lawyer was arrested after he announced his intention to rape a 5-year-old girl and paid her parents – counterfeit – money to have the girl. Michael Dwaine Lunday, 55, from Oklahoma, was arrested on the evening of March 2 on charges of indecent or indecent exposure to minor and child prostitution. The county sheriff’s office announced the arrest in a press release that said, “Another predator has been caught.” The arrest took place thanks to the trap set by the police to catch him red-handed.

Trap for “predator”

Police detectives used a hidden camera in the lawyer’s home. An informant told police that he wanted to meet a little girl for sex on Monday.

The sheriff’s office said, “Lunday told the whistleblower that he would bring condoms and lubricants to facilitate intercourse. Lunday agreed to meet with the informant to finalize the details before purchasing the doll for sex.”

Hidden cameras recorded the lawyer telling the whistleblower that he preferred to sexually abuse young girls and “wanted to look at child pornography before the baby was born to warm up and calm his nerves”.

Lawyer’s arrest

The defendant later admitted to viewing child sexual abuse materials and detailed his fantasy of committing sexual acts on a child while an adult woman watched: “Lunday was detained after paying $400 to be split between the informant and an imaginary parent. The sheriff’s office said he believed he would provide the baby.

“Investigators found a receipt showing that Lunday had purchased condoms and lubricant before she got to the house where she hoped to find the girl,” the reconstruction continues.

The next day, detectives raided the lawyer’s home and confiscated various devices. The sheriff’s office is now trying to find out if the lawyer has any other victims.

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Source: Today IT