Violence against women is on the rise on the coast

From the observatory of Caribbean human rights affirmative reported that 14 lesbian women, 4 bisexual women and 24 trans women were murdered in Colombia last year, for a
total of 42 LGBT women. On the other hand, at least 21 lesbian, 12 bisexual, and 8 transgender women reported being victims of police brutality. Finally, lesbian women received 487 threats, followed by 281 threats against bisexual women and 95 against trans women.

As for discrimination, on a total of 1,314 casualties reported in the past year, 358 correspond to lesbian women, 114 to those with trans life experience, and 37 to bisexual women.

“These figures show that we are still in a hostile society for LGBT women and that’s why we’re taking to the streets to demand a life free of violence in all spaces where
Each of us – regardless of our class, education, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin or place of residence – can be free to be, to feel and to love.

Tomorrow we will raise our voices for our rights, such as the right to use, travel and enjoy public space without reservation,” Caribe Affirmativo added in a statement.

Source: El heraldo