Father died a few hours after his daughter’s funeral

He couldn’t stand the pain of his daughter’s disappearance and died just hours after the funeral. A tragic story from the town of Southport, a few kilometers from Liverpool, England, where 23-year-old Katie Davenport died by jumping from the balcony of the fire escape of the Hey Amigos nightclub where the young woman was located. with some coworkers.

A few hours before the tragedy that occurred on September 4 last year, the 23-year-old had sent a video from the club to friends and family showing him calm and amused. Toward the end of the evening, the young woman would have had a heated argument: According to the story of Nathan Loughman, who was in charge of nightclub security that day, Katie and a friend would be watching outside. The 23-year-old jumped into the void first, up the stairs outside the nightclub to seek help. The young woman, whose condition was severe, was transferred to the hospital where doctors underwent delicate brain surgery. But the injuries sustained following the fall were very serious, with the girl dying on September 17 at Walton Center.

Katie Davenport’s funeral was held on October 14, about a month after her death, and just hours later, her father fell ill. Details of the story only emerged recently, when the results of the investigation into the death of the 23-year-old teenager were announced. According to her family, the young woman had struggled with anxiety and depression for some time, but according to coroner Julie Goulding, “sufficient evidence has emerged that she wanted to take her own life.” Katie had recently passed her driver’s license and started a second job besides babysitting: her plan was to buy a house with her boyfriend Niall. A girl with dreams, perhaps the victim of an evening of entertainment that ended in tragedy.

Source: Today IT