“Highly Enriched Uranium for China”. The last US-Russia clash

The Pentagon has expressed concern that Russia is supplying highly enriched uranium to China. The uranium, supplied by the state nuclear agency Rosatom, would be used to power Chinese reactors that produce plutonium for nuclear warheads. Support for Beijing, according to American defense leaders, would be part of a broader plan for collaboration between the two countries.

The image was sketched by John Plumb, Deputy Secretary of Defense, during the hearing before the House Subcommittee on Armed Services. The possible supply of enriched uranium by Russia is yet another cause for alarm for Washington after the latest clashes in the supply of weapons to fight the war in Ukraine. According to Plumb, the growing cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is helping China build new nuclear warheads. “It is really a problem to see Russia and China collaborating in this field”, warned the undersecretary.

Source: IL Tempo