MSF closes hospital in Haiti amid ongoing gang violence

International charity Doctors Without Borders (AzG) has closed a hospital near Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, due to the ongoing gang violence. According to the organization, the safety of patients and hospital staff can no longer be guaranteed.

The country has been grappling with gang violence for months. Heavily armed criminals expanded their area of ​​operation to new areas near the capital last week. As a result, several schools were forced to remain closed for fear of kidnapping.

And now the hospital in the poor suburb of Cite Soleil needs to close. “Conflict continues just meters from the hospital,” an MSF spokesperson said. Our hospital has not been a direct target yet, but we are victims because the hospital is on the front line.”

violent protests

According to the spokesperson, a child died because he had to hide in a room and did not have access to an oxygen cylinder. A 70-year-old man was also shot dead while trying to cross the hospital.

Gang violence sparked violent protests by police officers at the end of January. In the first month of the year, they rioted because at least fourteen policemen were killed by gangs. The US sent police officers to Haiti last October to assist the authorities.

Earlier this year, another hospital in the south of the capital closed its doors when a patient was shot to death as he was leaving the emergency room. MSF operates in the capital with a clinic for gunshot wounds and victims of sexual violence. According to a UN report, it is widely used by gangs in Haiti to instill fear.

Source: NOS