Russia imposes sanctions on 144 politicians, journalists and activists from the Baltic states

According to the Federal Foreign Office statement, those sanctioned took part in the “barbaric campaign” launched by these three countries to demolish monuments dedicated to Soviet soldiers who liberated Nazi troops from the Baltic republics during World War II expelled.

He also emphasizes that they are involved in the persecution of the Russian-speaking people, the revision of history, the glorification of Nazism, the criminal policy to exacerbate the Ukrainian conflict and the supply of weapons to Kiev.

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The note emphasizes that those who have been penalized and denied entry into the country are those advocating the most “hostile” attitude towards Russia.

“This move is in response to the sanctions and other measures that the Baltic states are actively promoting against Russia, interfering in their internal affairs and inciting anti-Russian sentiment,” he said.

Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian officials see Russia as an “existential threat” to their country and have been calling for political and economic isolation since Russia’s military action began in February 2022.

While all three countries are NATO members, in recent years they have demanded a stronger military presence in the region for fear of a Russian invasion.

Source: EFE

Source: EFE.

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