Sweden ‘cancels’ governor Sardinia: ‘Freudian slip’

Since January, Sweden has assumed the presidency of the European Council and has become the head of the European Union. This means, among other things, holding meetings between national governments and local governments, including regions. Meetings that usually take place in an Arlanda pavilion near Stockholm. At the entrance stands a map of Europe covered with moss. However, Sardinia Governor Christian Solinas did not like the painting. Reason? The island is not on the map.

In addition to Sardinia, to be honest, there are Menorca, Ibiza, and Oland, a small island just off the southeast coast of Sweden’s city of Kalmar, and other small islands in the Mediterranean. However, Corsica is present, although it is smaller than Sardinia. An insult that the regional president wanted to convey to the press: “Let’s say this is a Freudian slip, a sign of an underlying internal problem. It’s not the first time Europe forgets the islands, and not just on the islands. maps,” he wrote. “Other islands are missing – precisely the islands where Sardinia, as the leader, started a political and institutional alliance to see the rights of our lands and the rights of our more than 20 million citizens recognized”.

the tone is I blame. But in closing the memo, Solinas resizes the truth: Let’s not dramatize this omission, I hope it’s unintentional, but it certainly doesn’t bode well.” A majority including the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia, the allied parties of the centre-right in Sardinia that support Solinas. by.

Source: Today IT