Russia, “nuclear strike, all in shelters”. Hackers break into state TV

“Nuclear attack in progress, go to shelters”. The alert comes to Russian TV, but it is a fake broadcast from a group of hackers on Thursday, March 9th. A map of the Russian Federation is seen gradually turning red from the east as a voice warns the population. Then appears the symbol of the danger of radiation and some writings, the “form” of cyberactivists. The message urged “people living in eastern Russia” to go to shelters and “take potassium iodide pills”, usually used in radiation emergencies.

“There has been an attack, urgently go to a shelter. Close windows and doors, use gas masks of all kinds. In the absence of gas masks, use cotton gauze bandages,” says the rumor that disrupted TV and radio programs in Moscow and Yekaterinburg regions. The Russian Emergencies Ministry said that “a false air strike alert was broadcast in Moscow after the servers of radio stations and TV channels were hacked”.

It is not the first time that Russian media and infrastructure have been hacked. On 22 February, a false civil protection siren announced the onset of an “air alarm”, and on 28 February a “missile threat” was reported.

Source: IL Tempo