In Siete de Abril, a man who was under house arrest was shot

Motorcycle hitmen killed a man on Thursday afternoon, March 9, in the Siete de Abril neighborhood, in the metropolitan area of ​​Barranquilla. In the same event, a person driving through the area was injured.

According to the account of the injured man, who responds to the name of Juan Carlos López Reales, everything happened on 51st Street with Carrera 5A, in the aforementioned sector, when he was on his way to collect money when the fatal accident, identified as Dairid Isarel García Álvarez, was mobilizing on a motorcycle in the company of another person in that area.

There, García Álvarez was intercepted by two individuals aboard another motorcycle, the grillman got out and produced a firearm, hitting the fatal victim several times, before fleeing in the same vehicle. At the same time, López Reales was shot in one of his feet.

The man who accompanied the deceased today helped him and was transferred to Camino Ciudadela 20 de Julio, a medical center where he was assisted by the doctors on duty and later passed away from the severity of the injuries.

This medium learned that Dairid suffered four injuries from a firearm projectile like this: one in the face, one in the back, one on the right shoulder, and one on the right armpit.

According to police sources, García has recorded nine court citations: five for manufacturing, trafficking, and possession of firearms; one for prisoner escape; one per reception; one for damage to other people’s property; and one for theft.

Similarly, the investigator associated with the case told this publishing house that the victim had been under house arrest since October 21, 2022, that he had arrived from the city of Bogotá 9 days ago and that he had recently moved from the El Bosque neighborhood to April 7.

Source: El heraldo