Italian Coast Guard takes care of more than 1,000 migrants at sea

The Italian Coast Guard was sent to rescue three boats carrying a total of more than a thousand migrants off the coast of southern Italy. According to the coast guard, the rescue operation was “extremely complex” due to the large crowd.

Boats, an airplane and a military ship are used. It is thought that the migrants are in distress due to the weather conditions. There is a strong wind that makes the Mediterranean very choppy. European border guard Frontex had warned Italian authorities that migrants boarding the boats could be in trouble.

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According to the Head of the Southern Calabria Region, there are about 1,300 migrants on the three boats. 500 of them are on a boat near the port city of Crotone. Other boats continue to sail.

According to the Italian press, the Coast Guard took action against 500 immigrants on a boat in the early hours of the morning near the island of Lampedusa in the south of Italy.

According to Frontex, more and more people have tried to reach Italy by crossing the Mediterranean in recent days. Every year, tens of thousands of immigrants try to reach Europe via this route.

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At least 73 migrants were killed off the coast of Calabria late last month. Police ships tried to stop their wooden boats, but were unable to do so due to bad weather. The coast guard, better equipped for this, was not called immediately.

Prime Minister Meloni reacted on Thursday by announcing tougher prison sentences for human traffickers. It also wants to stop migrants from reaching Italian shores by tackling illegal immigration to Europe. Meloni imposed restrictions that allowed charities to leave fewer immigrants in Italy.

Source: NOS