NASA will introduce the crew members of the Artemis II mission

The names that will be part of what will be the first manned mission to the natural satellite in half a century will be announced at 11:00 local time (16:00 GMT).

The crew will consist of three astronauts from the POT and a member of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), which NASA plans to launch from Florida in November next year to accomplish a ten-day mission.

Artemis II “is the agency’s first crewed flight test underway to establish a long-term scientific and human presence on the lunar surface,” NASA said in a statement.

The crew members will make the trip aboard the Orion spacecraft and the powerful SLS rocket, which already had a first test with the Artemis I mission, returning to Earth on December 11 after 25 days of travel during which it was around the moon hazards.

Artemis II, which will not make a moon landing, will test the Orion capsule’s life support systems “to demonstrate the capabilities and techniques required to live and operate in deep space in a way only humans can,” explained NASA out.

Source: El heraldo