Criminal investigation into the establishment of Sywert van Lienden –

Criminal investigation into the establishment of Sywert van Lienden –

The public prosecutor is launching a criminal investigation against the Sywert van Lienden Relief Alliance Foundation and its two partners.

The foundation and its administrators are under scrutiny after an investigation revealed that millions of euros were made by providing medical devices.

This happened at the beginning of the corona crisis in 2020, when reliable assistants were in high demand. For example, the foundation concluded a lucrative mouth mask deal with the Ministry of Health.

The reason for the investigation by the public prosecutor is the testimony of the employment agency Randstad at the end of last year.

nine million euros

Van Lienden had previously announced in the media that he would not make a profit with the delivery. Partly for this reason, various organizations have generously pledged to help. Randstad, for example, provided free staff.

In a broadcast of the TV show outdoor court Last June, Van Lienden said he personally earned nine million euros from the deal. According to him “too much”, but the money was not obtained illegally. He also said he wanted to give back the money earned as a social cause.

The Public Prosecution Service says that there may also be more parties involved in the foundation and therefore does not rule out that investigations will also be conducted in these cases.

Source: NOS