A dead girl and dozens of victims in Peru from an earthquake in Ecuador


“We have come to Tumbes to meet the governor and put ourselves at his disposal, to see what the damage and consequences are,” the prime minister declared before regretting “what happened”.

Otárola announced that they had a report “of a girl who suffered shock trauma” during the quake and “appeal for calm to the public”, to whom she said “to be assured” that authorities will attend to the emergency.

Local media showed images of the moment of the quake in avenues and shopping centers in the city of Tumbes, where citizens took to the streets for security concerns, while it was reported that the earthquake was also felt in the regions of La Libertad and Áncash, over 500 kilometers south from Tumbes.

Zarumilla provincial mayor Christian Aguayo told the RPP radio station that this was “the strongest quake I have experienced in my entire life”.

The Navy’s Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation assured that no tsunami alert has been generated in the Pacific Ocean.

Peru and Ecuador are located in the area called the Pacific Ring of Fire, where about 85% of the world’s seismic activity is recorded.

Source: El heraldo


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