Why is Trump risking arrest and what does porn star Stormy Daniels have to do with it?

Former US president Donald Trump announced his arrest on Tuesday, March 21, and asked his supporters to “demonstrate” in his defense. Trump did not explain why he should be arrested, but pointed to the “corrupt Manhattan lawyer’s office.” New York prosecutors are investigating the former president’s alleged role in a black pay scheme linked to the Trump Organization.

Paying porn star Stormy Daniels

The story brings up the name of porn star Stormy Daniels, who was paid $130,000 in October 2016, shortly before the election that crowned Trump. The number was used to persuade the woman born Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford to keep quiet about an alleged flirtation with The Donald in 2006. Trump has publicly denied any involvement with the porn star.

At the time, the payment was made by Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer and former president’s “fixer”: it was up to him to intervene to resolve thorny situations like the Stormy Daniels case. The money was returned to Cohen through the alteration of the Trump Organization’s accounts, as the researchers hypothesized: falsifying such data is a crime in New York state. In 2018, Cohen was sentenced to 3 years in prison. The lawyer pleaded guilty to tax evasion and violating the presidential campaign funding rules.

allegations against Trump

The New York Times recently wrote that investigators offered Trump the opportunity to appear before a grand jury: This passage, according to the newspaper, indicated that an indictment was imminent. The impeachment hypothesis against Trump can take different forms: fraudulent conduct can be considered functional for violating or intending to violate campaign finance rules. The Trump Organization has recorded refunds to Cohen on its internal records as attorneys’ fees. The former president has always denied knowing how to pay. Trump risks becoming the first ex-president to be impeached.

Source: Today IT