Great-grandmother doesn’t close the door: the twins drown in the pool

Two 18-month-old twin brothers and a sister drowned in the swimming pool of their family’s villa in Oklahoma City, United States. Two children, Locklyn and Loreli Callazzo, were found dead under water by their 37-year-old mother, Jenny Callazzo, on Thursday afternoon, March 16. According to the first reconstruction, the two children’s great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, left the door of the house open, the twins managed to get out and then fell into the murky waters of the swimming pool. .

The tragedy occurred in a villa where Jenny Callazzo lived with her grandmother, her six children, and her husband, Sonny, a 42-year-old marketing executive. When firefighters and paramedics arrived at the Oklahoma City home, they immediately recovered the two small bodies and attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation for both. Unfortunately for Locklyn and Loreli, there was nothing else they could do: the two were found around 10:45 and were declared dead two hours later. While another relative of the children confirmed that their great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, left the back door open, US police have launched an investigation to shed light on the dynamics of the tragedy. As such, investigators believe it was not a criminal act, but a dramatic accident, possibly caused by the old woman’s oversight.

A fundraising event was launched on the GoFundMe platform to help the family cover the costs following the deaths of two children, donations recently exceeded $7,000, reaching the final goal of almost $7,500. “These two kids were taken from us way too soon – reads the post – Any help would be greatly appreciated, as is everyone’s love and support”.

Laura Gamino, OU Health’s injury prevention coordinator for trauma, stressed how careful parents should be when there are pools, tubs, or other containers of water in the home that can hide major hazards for children: “Everything can happen at once. “It’s clear that they don’t have the skills to get out later. And these are accidents that happen in complete silence, contrary to popular belief: kids can’t scream if they drown, and that’s one of the scariest things. My advice to pool hosts is to build fences with a door that small children can’t open.”

Source: Today IT