Trump’s lawyer: OM not yet contacted about arrest

Donald Trump’s lawyer denies having any contact with the judiciary due to the former president’s arrest. Trump wrote yesterday on social media that he expects an arrest on Tuesday, but his spokesman later added that the Republican relied on anonymous media leaks.

“No one wants to tell us anything. President Trump relies on press reports,” attorney Joe Tacopina said in a statement. “This is a political accusation, and we would prefer it to be leaked to the press rather than properly talking to lawyers,” he said.

Trump wrote a message in capital letters on Social Truth Social yesterday. “The most popular Republican candidate to date and the former President of the United States will be arrested next Tuesday.” He called his fans to protest.

The public prosecutor’s office did not want to respond to this news in the American press. Various media outlets had previously reported, citing anonymous sources, that an arrest was imminent. Tacopina explained that Trump also trusts these reports.

silent money

The lawsuit revolves around the $130,000 Trump will pay porn star Stormy Daniels. That would be silent money to prevent him from revealing that he cheated on his wife years ago during the 2016 election campaign.

Trump denies the relationship, but his lawyer admitted that he paid Daniels. He was sentenced to three years in prison for committing fraud and violating campaign laws. The New York State Attorney’s Office recently investigated whether Trump was also guilty of such violations, for example, by including hush money as legal charges.

If prosecutors file a lawsuit, Trump will be asked to report himself to the police, in consultation with his lawyers and the Secret Service that protects him. “You won’t see him handcuffed in front of the press,” former OM official Danya Perry told Reuters.

“He will turn himself in and then go through the normal process for any suspect: a criminal record will be entered into the system, presented to a judge, and possibly told he is innocent.” They say the expected indictment includes a maximum sentence of four years. however, the judge will not impose a prison sentence for such a first offense.

calm down

Republican politicians are calling the lawsuit against Trump politically motivated. “Revenge policy” was Speaker McCarthy’s term in the House of Representatives. He says prosecutors should focus on catching fraudsters. “An abuse of the justice system,” said MP Gaetz.

Former Vice President Pence also reacted critically to the anticipated indictment. “I think many Americans were surprised by an unprecedented indictment against a former president,” he told the press. “Americans are more concerned about record inflation, the border crisis, high energy costs, the war in Ukraine and the threat from China.”

But it also calls for calm because the American media sees a parallel between Trump’s call for protest and the attack on the Capitol two years ago. “Americans have the right to demonstrate, but violence should not be tolerated,” he said.

donation email

In any case, the former president is already using the case in letters pleading with his supporters to raise money. In an email, he described the accuser as a puppet paid by progressive businessman George Soros to “do anything to suppress our movement.” Recipients are asked to donate “to show that we will never give up despite the witch hunt”.

Trump has promised to continue his fight for reelection even if he is impeached. The expectation is that an arrest will further provoke his supporters. “If that happens, Trump will be re-elected by a large margin,” said Elon Musk.

Source: NOS