Born, “accumulation of weapons on the eastern frontier”. Defiance of Russia, towards total war


One more step towards all-out war between the West and Russia. NATO, in the coming months, will “accelerate efforts to stockpile equipment along the eastern border” and “designate forces that can rush to help allies in the short term” in order to “prevent Russia from expanding its war beyond Ukraine “, but for that “it must convince each country to contribute with soldiers, training, better infrastructure and, above all, large quantities of weapons, equipment and expensive ammunition”.

These revelations were made by the website, which underlines how among “countries already concerned about their ammunition stocks” and “Ukraine that urgently needs more bullets and weapons”, there is “a risk that not all NATO allies will comply their promises contribute to the new plans of the Atlantic alliance”. NATO will therefore amass weapons along the Alliance’s eastern border and is ready to deploy tens of thousands of men (up to 300,000 troops) there. “I think troops are needed to fight Russia’s reality on the ground. It is necessary to have more soldiers and, above all, more soldiers ready to fight” the remaining indiscretions advanced by a military source. Tensions are still rising between NATO and the nation led by Vladimir Putin.

Source: IL Tempo


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