Meloni and Macron, face to face on migrants: “Risk of 900,000 arrivals from Tunisia”

The new big invasion of Tunisian migrants? Last night, in Brussels, at the end of the European Council, Giorgia Meloni and Emmanuel Macron see each other and talk: the first bilateral meeting takes place at the hotel where they are staying, which corrects the breach in February regarding the missed invitation to Paris to have dinner with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. As tensions rise in Kiev with the military escalation and France “burns” with pension reform, the Prime Minister and President of France meet for more than an hour and a half.

According to what the Corriere della Sera the face-to-face would have been requested by the French Prime Minister. But the meeting becomes the symbol of the Italian president’s first day at the European Council.

On the table “certainly there is also a French request – reports the privateer – the classification of nuclear technologies among those compatible with the essential energy transition for Paris. Italy can lend a hand. And certainly, in return, Paris can lend a hand to Rome, first of all in the explosive situation in Tunisia, but more generally in the whole migrant dossier”.

But the migratory emergency and the Tunisian alarm were also at the center of the conversation with the Elysée tenant: “Italy risks 900,000 arrivals”. Therefore, coordinated action between the two states is required. It was the Italian Prime Minister herself who highlighted the critical situation when noting that arrivals from the North African nation had tripled. “If this trend continues – he warned – this summer the situation will be out of control”.

Source: IL Tempo