“Maduro’s turn now”: Duque to the ICC after decision on Putin

The head of the official delegation for dialogue, George Rodriguezcriticized at the beginning of the month that it has not yet been fulfilled and pointed out that this is due to the fact that the opposition “has no word”, which prevented the agreement from being finalized, the creation of a trust fund managed by the UN– To channel items to alleviate hunger, disease and other needs.

“I don’t think there is a dialogue in Mexico, what there is is a monologue. It is a monologue of the dictatorship trying to buy time to further weaken power democratic resistance and again participate in fraudulent elections to stay in power,” Duque added to EFE.

The former president warned that these assets should not be released. To release them “and hand them over to the dictatorship would be a mockery of all the victims of the atrocities which Nicolás Maduro committed in terms of human rights“, said.

Source: El heraldo