TikTok, US crackdown. But China is not there: “xenophobic persecution”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning accused the United States of initiating “xenophobic political persecution” with its actions against the TikTok platform, following the CEO’s congressional hearing. “The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting privacy and data security in accordance with the law,” Mao told a news conference. “It has never and will never solicit companies or individuals who collect or provide data, information and intelligence from foreign countries in violation of local laws,” the spokeswoman explained.

The Chinese government, emphasized Mao, also denounces that the United States “so far has not provided any evidence to demonstrate that TikTok threatens national security. The United States must seriously uphold the principles of market economy and fair competition, stop unreasonably suppressing companies from other countries, and provide an open, fair, equitable, and non-discriminatory environment.”

China has already expressed concern in recent days that the United States could force the Chinese company ByteDance to sell the popular app, warning that in this case it will “strongly oppose”. “Forcing the sale of TikTok will seriously damage the confidence of investors around the world, including China, towards investments in the United States,” Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman Shu Jueting told a news conference in Thursday. Last February, the US government ordered the removal of TikTok from all public devices, an “abuse of national security to penalize foreign companies”, according to Beijing.

Source: IL Tempo