Israel, night of protests and clashes: Netanyahu at the end of justice reform

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to announce soon the suspension of the controversial justice reform that has sparked mass protests in the country. Several Hebrew-language media write it in Israel. All media outlets cite “sources close to the prime minister” without providing further details. According to public broadcaster Kan, the prime minister will speak at 10 am in the Knesset after a series of talks that took place overnight with his political allies.

Late Sunday night, a crowd of protesters filled the streets of the Israeli city of Tel Aviv after the prime minister sacked his defense minister over his opposition to a planned judicial review. Waving Israeli flags and chanting “democracy”, protesters blocked roads and bridges, including the Ayalon Highway which turned into a sea of ​​flags. The protests subsided around 2am local time. Protesters lit several bonfires on Tel Aviv’s main highway, and the smoke partially obscured some of the city’s iconic skyscrapers. Protesters also gathered along the highway, burning scrap metal and wood. Demonstrations were recorded in Beersheba, Haifa and Jerusalem, where thousands gathered outside Netanyahu’s private residence. Police responded by spraying water on the crowd. Thousands of people marched from the residence to the Knesset. Israel’s political crisis deepened on Sunday when Netanyahu’s cabinet announced the removal of Yoav Gallant after he became the first cabinet member to call a halt to controversial plans to overhaul the country’s justice system.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog urged the government to halt the judicial review after opponents of the plan took to the streets overnight. Herzog asks the government to freeze judicial reform. Leaders of the anti-reform protest say a mass demonstration will be held outside the Knesset in Jerusalem today at 2pm. “We will not allow any settlement that undermines the independence of the Supreme Court,” they say. A protest march that could therefore become a demonstration of victory.

Source: IL Tempo