In Ecuador, police deactivate explosives attached to a man’s body

“The effective intervention of the police’s explosives counter unit made it possible to deactivate and remove the device placed on the citizen’s body,” the institution of order said in a message on its Twitter account.

Police added that the subject is “in good custody”, and included a video in the message of the man, in a shirt and trousers, walking next to an anti-explosive unit police officer dressed in a hard hat. business suit.

Shortly before, the police had posted a message on their social network with a photo of the man wearing a dark vest over his shirt on which two red cylindrical artifacts appear on the right side of the chest and one on the left, connected by cables that surrounded the neck of the subject.

This material was taped to the vest of the civilian, who was taken from the scene by ambulance, said the governor (government deputy) of the province of Guayas, Francesco Tabacchi.

“What the police have achieved is to extract the person who was carrying him, put him in an ambulance and take him away for the respective questioning, because we have to go to the final consequences,” Tabacchi told the press.

The police have not yet reported the type of deactivated material and it is not known who placed it on the man or the reasons for it.

“I congratulate the courage and professional work of our police server and explosives counter team in deactivating the civilian explosive device in Guayaquil,” said Ecuadorian National Police Commander General Fausto Salinas.

Source: El heraldo