Nigeria expresses dissatisfaction with alleged racism against refugees in Ukraine

Nigeria expresses dissatisfaction with alleged racism against refugees in Ukraine

Nigerian President Buhari expressed regret at reports of racism against Nigerian citizens trying to flee Ukraine. Nigeria is urging border authorities in Ukraine and neighboring countries to treat everyone who wants to cross the border the same.

About 4,000 Nigerians are still stranded in Ukraine, the BBC reported. in a report from twitter Buhari said there were reports that Ukrainian police were blocking access to trains and buses for Africans to leave the country towards the Polish border.

The president said he is relying on videos circulating on social media, first-hand accounts and people interacting with Nigerian consular officials.

“It is extremely important that everyone is treated with dignity and without priority,” he tweeted. Make a difference.”

The Polish ambassador to Nigeria says everyone is treated equally. Local media say some Nigerians have already crossed the Polish border.

racism reports

Hashtags have been floating around on Twitter for a few days now #AfricansinUkraine and #BlacksinUkraine around. Examples of people to be arrested are shared under these hashtags; They say white Ukrainians have priority. that’s how it goes a video where a group of people stands in front of a train. Authorities arrest people, but later a young white woman remains on the train.

in a another video several black walks on the road. The video’s creator said blacks are not allowed on trains, while whites are.

Unverified Videos

The authenticity of the videos has not yet been confirmed. It is also unknown where the videos were shot. It is also unclear how many people have to deal with this form of racism.

A twitterer who claims to be Nigerian says he is stuck at the Polish border. According to him, all blacks have been arrested and there are threats of violence.

The Nigerian president alleges that a group of Nigerian students were denied entry to Poland and then had no choice but to continue to the Hungarian border.

Source: NOS