War in Ukraine, NATO plans end up on social media. The leak makes the Pentagon tremble

Yellow at the Pentagon. NATO’s secret plans in Ukraine ended up on social media. The leak is causing a crisis for US senior management, who will have to identify those responsible for an act that puts US strategies at risk. Classified war documents detailing secret US and NATO plans to bolster Ukraine’s armed forces ahead of a planned offensive against Russia were leaked on social media channels this week. The New York Times reports this, citing senior Biden administration officials.

The Pentagon is investigating who may be behind the leak of the documents, which surfaced on Twitter and Telegram, a platform with more than half a billion users and widely available in Russia. Military analysts said the documents appear to have been modified in parts of their original format, overestimating US estimates of Ukrainian war dead and underestimating Russian soldiers killed. The changes, analysts pointed out, could indicate a disinformation effort by Moscow. But the revelations in the original documents represent a significant breach of US intelligence in an effort to help Ukraine. “We are aware of reports of social media postings and the department is investigating the matter,” said Sabrina Singh, a deputy Pentagon spokeswoman.

Source: IL Tempo