Israel in chaos: protests, war and terrorists. Netanyahu under siege

Alessandro Parini is the victim of last night’s attack in Tel Aviv. A car crashed into the crowd, killing the Italian national and injuring six others. These are months of great tension in Israel where Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has three very hot fronts open: the internal conflict, threats on the borders with Lebanon and Gaza and the struggle for justice reform. According to an analysis of “the republic”, what happened on Friday night is the result of “the spiral of violence between Palestinians and Israelis that has been worsening for months, causing tension to increase even with the Arab citizens of Israel”.

Journalist Francesca Caferri notes that 2023 will be one of the bloodiest years in recent history: “The trail of attacks since the beginning of the year has intensified and led to a crescendo of tension: the final explosion in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Israeli army climbed the esplanade of the mosques to remove the hundreds of Muslims who had locked themselves in the mosque overnight from Al Aqsa”.

The images of military violence served as a trigger for the second front, that of the northern (Lebanon) and southern (Gaza) border, with repeated rocket launches on both sides. Finally, the third problem: the strong protests of the Israelis against the justice reform: “The turning point of the crisis was Netanyahu’s decision to dismiss the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, who had called for the reform to be suspended when he realized that thousands of reservists threatened not to respond to calls from the Armed Forces in case of emergency.(…) That was where the three crises crossed. Today, disentangling them seems really complex”.

Source: IL Tempo