When we risked World War III. What comes out of the Pentagon documents

For over a year we have been on the verge of a global escalation with potentially disastrous consequences. This can be seen from the unauthorized disclosure of confidential Pentagon documents in recent days. For example, it turns out that a Russian fighter nearly shot down a British surveillance plane. This was revealed by one of the US military documents circulating online. The facts, according to reports by The Washington Post, date back to last September 29, on the coast of Crimea. The incident could have drawn the United States and its NATO allies directly into the war in Ukraine.

The document, one of several leaked by the Pentagon that triggered a Justice Department investigation, refers to the incident as a “near-assassination of the UK RJ,” a reference to the “Rivet Joint” moniker common to the RC-135 recognition. The aircraft is used to pick up radio transmissions and other electronic messages.

The leaked documents on social media could prove invaluable to Moscow, revealing the extent to which US secret services have penetrated the Russian military. The Justice Department announced that it is opening an investigation and is trying to identify the source of the leak by examining the validity of the leaked documents. According to The Washington Post, which cites US officials, some appear to have been faked. But most of them, explains the source, correspond to CIA reports circulating in the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department. Some of the documents contain information about US allies. Americans are trying to assess the national security risks of leaking documents related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Source: IL Tempo