Pentagon, which is the leak mole. US Embarrassment: Why He Did It

Pentagon Document Leak: Mole Identified. In recent hours, searches for the individual who stole and released top secret Pentagon documents have intensified, triggering the alert in the White House. The US Department of Justice and US intelligence have investigated and have already located the person responsible for the theft. From what was known of the investigations and as reported by The Washington Post “the mole is a young racist gun enthusiast working on a military base who was trying to impress an Internet chat group with his revelations”.

In recent months, he has published dozens of classified documents on a Discord server (a messaging application linked to video games), stealing them from the Pentagon. To clarify the matter is the Post that interviewed two members of the chat in which the informant published the top secret material. “He called himself OG and regularly posted the documents to the server,” say the sources. Then they add: “he spent part of the day inside a secure facility that prohibited cell phones and other electronic devices”, and also: “he worked hard for hours writing confidential documents to share with his companions on the Discord server”. The sources conclude by revealing what prompted “OG” to make the gesture: “He had a dark view of government and considered the forces of order to be a sinister force.”

Among the various classified documents that have surfaced, as reported by the BBC, some, for example, would confirm the presence of NATO soldiers in Ukraine, as suspected by the Russians, thus increasing international tension. The leaks also highlighted US concerns about the feasibility of an imminent Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian forces and highlighted that Washington was also spying on allies. The Pentagon, working on the scandal, stressed that the breach posed a “very serious risk to national security”.

Source: IL Tempo