Top secret documents, the NYT: the mole is a 21-year-old National Guard

The person allegedly responsible for leaking secret US intelligence documents may already have a first and last name. The New York Times reports that a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s intelligence wing is behind the Pentagon leaks that erupted from the disclosure of classified documents in some online game chat rooms. His name is Jaque Teixeira.

The young man ran a private online group called Thug Shaker Central, in which about 20 to 30 people, mostly young men, talked about guns, video games and exchanged racist memes. “Two US officials confirmed that investigators want to speak with Airman Teixeira about the leak of government documents to the private online group. One official said Airman Teixeira may have information relevant to the investigation”; writes the American newspaper. However, the FBI has not confirmed that he is the person who leaked the top secret documents online.

In any case, the circle closes on the “mole” also due to the small number of participants in the chat where the stolen documents were originally disclosed.

Source: IL Tempo