Maduro expresses support for Petro-convened summit on Venezuela

Maduro expresses support for Petro-convened summit on Venezuela

While fulfilling his agenda in the United States, President Gustavo Petro confirmed that Bogotá will host a high-level summit next week to revive dialogues between Venezuela’s government and that country’s political opposition. To this, his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolás Maduro, responded positively by expressing “all his support”.

“I expressed (to Petro) all Venezuela’s support for this summit to invigorate and revitalize our country’s entire struggle to achieve respect for our sovereignty… and the final lifting of all measures against Venezuela. .. based on a dialogue between all sectors,” Maduro said in a government speech.

Maduro said he hopes the summit will succeed in “finding a way for our Venezuela to strengthen our peace, democracy and sovereignty.” He added that he hopes the point will be reached where the entire international community will unite in a single vote of “zero sanctions” for his country.

The Colombian presidency has confirmed that the meeting will be attended by the ministers and foreign officials American countries, such as the United States, the European Union and countries of the continent. “That there are no sanctions and that there is much more democracy. More democracy, zero sanctions, that is the goal of the conference in Bogotá,” Petro said in this regard on Monday.

Source: El heraldo