Ukrainian war, Jens Stoltenberg announces the sending of fighter jets to Kiev

Conflict in Ukraine, generals put their pawns on the chessboard of war. Last in chronological order is NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who, ahead of the meeting of the Contact Group for Aid to Ukraine at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, made some important announcements about the continuation of operations. In particular, the leaders of the Atlantic Alliance guarantee that the allies will also send fighter jets to the Ukrainian army in its resistance struggle against the Russian invader. «About jets, the allies are discussing this and we will discuss it again today. Poland and Slovakia will deliver the Mig29s. There is an ongoing discussion with allies and partners about the various types of jets. However, it is important not only to think about new types of help, but also how to support those already provided”.

However, Ukraine’s entry into NATO is also on the agenda. “All NATO members agreed to Ukraine’s membership.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this ahead of the Ukraine aid contact group meeting at Ramstein air base in Germany. Stoltenberg reiterated that Ukraine’s “legitimate place” is in NATO, even if a path to membership has yet to be established.

Source: IL Tempo