“Ukraine in NATO, all agree”. But here’s Orban’s stop

“All NATO members agreed to Ukraine’s membership.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s words lasted just a few hours before the contact group for aid to Ukraine met at Ramstein air base in Germany. Stoltenberg reiterated that Ukraine’s “legitimate place” is in the Atlantic Alliance, even if the path to membership has yet to be defined.

“What?!” instead, it is the tweet published by the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, about the hypothesis that Kiev could become part of NATO. A single word to which the Hungarian leader attached an article taken from the international media where the words spoken by the Secretary General of the Alliance are reported. And he’s not the only one turning up his nose. According to the German government, a decision on the possible membership of the nation attacked by Russia is not in progress. A Berlin spokesperson specified that the focus is now on more military, financial and humanitarian support for the country, and members agree with that. “At this moment there is no decision on Ukraine’s accession,” said the spokesman, adding that in the circle of allies the matter will be discussed further.

Source: IL Tempo