A flambéed pizza caused a deadly fire in Madrid

A flambé pizza and the decoration of the premises, full of artificial plants, were the triggers for the fatal fire in an Italian restaurant in Madrid, “a mousetrap” that burned “in ten seconds” leaving two dead and twelve injured, while the De police are leading the initial investigations.

Friday night turned into a tragedy for diners at the Italian restaurant Burro Canaglia Bar & Resto when the small venue burned down before midnight with about 30 people inside, following a flame that reached the roof of the establishment and spread “in a matter of ten seconds” by decorating the premises with plastic plants.

The fire left two dead, a client and a worker, and 12 injured, eight of whom are still in hospital, some of them in the ICU and others in the major burn units, with burns ranging from 8 to 25 % of their body.

Members of the Scientific Police arrived on the scene today to carry out the necessary checks for an initial assessment of what happened, taking pictures inside and outside.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, pointed out that it was a flambé pizza that could have ignited the decoration of the restaurant that, according to the councilor, had no emergency exit because given “the dimensions of the premises and the number of diners it has authorized, it was not necessary.

“There was only one exit from the property,” Martínez Almeida said in his statement.

The fire was located at the entrance of the restaurant, preventing the people inside from leaving. Some of them went inside and others were trapped at the door of the property, Carlos Marín, head of the Madrid fire brigade, explained.

Source: El heraldo