Ammunition does not come: Ukraine is “furious” at the EU

Europe’s plan to purchase joint arms and ammunition for Ukraine is still on hold. And Kiev is beginning to show all its frustrations at a time when its army’s advance in the east of the country is experiencing alarming setbacks and the strategic city of Bakmut is in danger of capitulating under Russian fire. Ukrainian minister Dmytro Kuleba was described as “indignant” by some sources during a meeting with his EU colleagues at the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

“Kuleba used very harsh words in his speech at the EU Foreign Relations Council, he got very angry,” a reliable source said. Kuleba complained of the “low amount of ammunition” received so far and the lack of long-range missiles, described as crucial to continue the counterattack, hitting Russia’s ammunition stockpiles today. Those who disposed of the Kyiv army.

France would block the EU’s support action. The main problem is that the European war industry has not yet reached a production rate that would allow the rapid shipment of ammunition demanded by Ukraine. The alternative solution could be to use European investment funds to make joint purchases in allied third countries, but Paris wants to prioritize home-based businesses.

Speaking to journalists, Kuleba used a more diplomatic tone, but not so much: “Today at the Foreign Affairs Council I thanked the EU partners for all the defense assistance they have already provided – he said – and I also urged them to take new decisions as soon as possible. Unless the Russian army is defeated There is no shortcut to peace. The time for diplomatic white gloves will come, but first we must provide enough ammo for the tired, greasy hands of our artillerymen.”

Source: Today IT