Murdoch company reaches agreement with Prince William over phone hacking

According to Prince Harry’s lawyers, Britain’s Prince William colluded with Rupert Murdoch’s media company in 2020 over a company newspaper that allegedly hacked his phone.

This emerges from court documents viewed by the BBC, among others. Prince Harry has been involved in a legal battle against Murdoch’s Newsgroup Newspapers (NGN) over allegations that his voicemails were partially tapped. In documents from Harry’s lawyers, they claim that Prince William received a “huge sum” from NGN.

Lawyers argued that the case against The Sun company and the now-defunct News Of The World should continue. However, NGN argues that Harry’s claims were presented too late, which should have resulted in the case being dismissed.

“Approved by Elizabeth”

According to Harry, however, he had not done so before as his family had already reached an agreement with the company. This agreement was then Queen II. It was reportedly approved by Elizabeth, and this settlement complicates her own case.

The lawsuit revolves around apps followed by News of the World and The Sun. For example, journalists intercepted voicemails Kate Middleton sent to Prince William while serving in the military. Clive Goodman, then-Royal News of the World reporter, admitted to hacking William, Harry and Kate’s phones in 2014.

News of the World also intercepted voicemail messages from other prominent Britons. The news source also hired a private detective to check the voicemail of 13-year-old Milly Dowler. She disappeared in 2002 and was later found kidnapped and murdered. The newspaper was shut down in 2011 due to this wiretapping scandal.

Source: NOS