France locks Italian border: 150 more police to stop migrants

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the dispatch of 150 additional police officers to the Italian border. Strengthening border guards will serve to counter illegal immigration. But also to reassure voters who have crossed the Alps, given that the government has had to delay the immigration law requested by Emmanuel Macron in the fall.

Additional police will be sent to Ventimiglia and the Marine Alps border in general “next week” to deal with “increasing immigration pressure at Italian borders”. The increase in the arrival of immigrants from North Africa due to the effect of the crisis in Tunisia is also on the front pages of French newspapers, and above all, the fear expressed by the right is that these flows will lead to an increase in illegal immigrants. also in France.

In fact, strengthening the border with Italy is the only concrete step the government has taken immediately in Paris. The immigration law Macron wanted was not submitted before the summer, as expected, but was delayed until the fall. This is because, as Borne admits, the lack of a majority in Parliament: the forces supporting the president are in the minority, and the strife over pension reform has further isolated Macron and his executive. “Today – agreed Borne – there is no majority to vote for such a text, as I can confirm yesterday when speaking to the leaders of the republicans, namely the moderate centre-right party.”

Source: Today IT