A group of disaffected residents of a Welsh community have put up a sign advising motorists to “adjust bra straps” and “tighten balls” due to the number of potholes on a secondary road they describe as “the worst in the county”. .

The Aberghorlech road between Brechfa and Pontinsven in north Carmarthenshire has long been a grievance for those who must drive it. According to residents, Carmarthenshire Council has been informed of the problems and although they have patched some potholes in the past, they have not repaved the road, which local residents say is badly needed. You can keep up with the latest Carmarthenshire news by signing up for our local newsletter here.

Exhausted by their efforts to improve the road, a group of residents placed a large yellow billboard along the rutted road. The sign says: “Caution. Remove dentures, adjust bra straps, tighten nuts. Welcome to the worst maintained road in the county, courtesy of Carmarthenshire County Council.”

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While the signage is fun and light, the group emphasized that there is good reason to place it on the side of the road and that it is vital that residents who live nearby have a safe surface for cars and bicycles. A spokesperson for residents said: “We have complained several times about the road and the council has not carried out any significant repairs. Sometimes they respond by plugging some of the worst potholes, when in reality the road is so worn and damaged that it needs a complete resurfacing in many places. As fun as the license plate should be, the constant wear and tear on our vehicles is a real problem.

“This is another example of the discrimination faced by residents, as no road in the city can deteriorate this much. Under the provisions of the Highway Act, the council has a legal duty to maintain all roads. It is unreasonable to ask that we have a safe road surface for cars and bicycles. It is somewhat ironic that the police can check our vehicles to make sure they are safe to drive, but no one can guarantee that the road is safe for our vehicles.”

Condition of pavement on part of the road

Carmarthenshire council was asked to comment on the condition of the secondary road, which lies a few miles south of Brechfa, and the local authority blamed the lack of repairs on tight budgets, saying work of this nature was prioritized according to risk.

Councilor Edward Thomas, member of the council’s cabinet for transport, waste and infrastructure, said: “Carmarthenshire council continues to carry out routine inspections on all our roads to ensure they are safe for road users and that includes a road rural property that has been brought to the attention of residents of the Llanfinidd area.When safety defects are found they are scheduled for repair in accordance with our policy, which is consistent with that of other Welsh authorities.

“There is a lack of national investment in road maintenance that affects all local road authorities. The roads in Carmarthenshire that we would like to rebuild are far beyond our available budget. As a result of tight budgets, our resurfacing programs are designed using a risk-based approach, targeting the roads most in need of resurfacing and ensuring that any investment provides the best possible value.”

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