“We delivered to Ukraine what we promised”: 230 tanks and more than 1500 armored personnel carriers arrived in Kiev

98% of NATO’s promises in Ukraine are about to come true. This was revealed during a conference organized by NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. In particular, the countries of the Atlantic Alliance will send 1,550 armored vehicles and 230 tanks to Kiev.

According to Stoltenberg, with this new aid, “the Ukrainians therefore have the capabilities they need to liberate more land”, “Russia should never be underestimated,” said the NATO secretary, adding – Russian forces may lack quality, but they are catching up and Moscow is mobilizing personnel. continues to do so. We will stay in Ukraine as long as necessary and provide what is needed.” Stoltenberg stated that more than nine new Ukrainian armored brigades were also “trained” during the conference, which would put Kiev in a strong position.

So the hope is that even with this new slice of weaponry, the Ukrainians will be able to reverse a situation that is starting to become critical in many areas. The NATO secretary then intervened and commented on the phone conversation between Ukrainian prime minister Zelensky and Chinese prime minister Xi Jinping: “I welcome the phone call between Presidents Zelensky and Xi. I also think it’s important for China to realize the Ukrainian perspective. It doesn’t change the fact that he couldn’t condemn the illegal occupation of the country.”

Source: Today IT