Meloni praised Sunak on immigration: “I agree with your passion”

When it comes to combating irregular migration, Italy and the UK are on the same wavelength. Giorgia Meloni underlined this during her visit to London, where she met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. “Tackling human traffickers and illegal immigration is something our governments do very well. Prior to the bilateral meeting in Downing Street, he said to Prime Minister Sunak, “I follow your work on immigration management by the British government and I totally agree.”

The British Conservative government is putting strong pressure on immigration to stop a record number of landings on British shores. Among the measures discussed is one aimed at preventing anyone who enters the country illegally from applying for asylum. London then signed an agreement with France to pay 542 million euros over three years as a contribution to co-operation in the fight against migration. However, the agreement signed with Rwanda, where England wanted to send the immigrants who applied for asylum, and which had the African state accept them, was very controversial. Despite its final approval, no transposition has yet been made because the provision is the subject of a tough legal battle with associations and the European Court of Human Rights, who see it as a violation of international law.

Welcoming his guest, the British said that Italy and the United Kingdom, which have “completely compatible values”, can work together on the challenges posed by current events. “The values ​​between the two countries are absolutely compatible, so we can work so well together on our common challenges, whether it is in response to or related to the illegal occupation of Ukraine, for which I once again appreciate your leadership.” Dealing with the problem of illegal immigration”. The two also signed a Memorandum of Understanding. According to some sources, “The agreement organizes joint initiatives in priority areas of cooperation such as security and defence, energy, climate and environment, migration, economy, science and innovation, and at international level with London. allows for the consolidation of extensive convergences” by news agencies.

“Italy and the United Kingdom are united by strong economic ties as well as by a historical friendship and share a common vision on many international issues, starting with a strong commitment to the security and stability of Europe, Euro-Atlantic and the wider society. The same sources accompany Meloni after their bilateral meeting. , King III.

Source: Today IT