Migrants find 210 bodies in Tunisian sea

While Europe announced its readiness to partner with Tunisia against human trafficking, Tunisia’s national guard announced that they found 210 bodies at sea in just 10 days. They are the victims of several shipwrecks that the Tunisian coast guard found off the coast of Sfax, Kerkennah and Mahdia between 18-27 April 2023. The victims will all be from various sub-Saharan African countries.

EU announces partnership with Tunisia

The European Commission has announced its intention to establish a “strengthened operational partnership in the fight against human trafficking” with Tunisia to put an end to these tragedies and is offering further support in the south of the country and at its maritime borders. , in particular “voluntary repatriation and reintegration into their countries of origin, with full respect for human rights and human dignity”. They also “expressed their desire to establish a skills partnership to promote legal migration in the interests of both parties, according to the mutual needs of Tunisia and EU Member States and for the benefit of the sectors and occupations of activity determined jointly, and to provide an adequate response to prevent the risk of brain drain”. The agreement also provides for raising awareness of the dangers of irregular migration through EU-financed information campaigns to be launched in May and June.

The announcement came on the occasion of the visit of Interior Commissioner Ylva Johansson to Tunisia, where he met with Minister of Migration, Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar, Minister of Interior Kamel Feki and Minister of Social Affairs. Malek Ezzahi.

Other landings in Lampedusa

Meanwhile, the removals in Lampedusa continue for a total of 273 migrants since midnight last night. Within a few hours, there was a second autonomous landing on the Cala Croce coast of 48 people (15 immigrants from the first landing). A group of people from Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and South Sudan crossed the sea in a 7-meter iron boat that set off from the Tunisian port of Sfax at 6 am (according to the immigrants’ statements) yesterday. They would pay 2,500 euros per person for the trip. The body of an immigrant who came to Lampedusa with the Open Arms ship Astral was also found dragged yesterday.

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Source: Today IT