Ukraine’s president condemns Russian attack on museum that left two dead

“Russia killed two women (…) 10 were injured in this attack,” Zelenskyy said in a video released Tuesday evening.

He previously reported that one person had died in connection with the attack, and denounced Russians who have “killed Ukrainians in absolutely horrific ways”.

“All those responsible for these war crimes will be brutally tried,” the Ukrainian president promised in a message to Telegram.

Zelenskyy explained that the attack took place in the center of Kupiansk, very close to a “homeland museum”, very close to the front line.

On the same social network, he posted a video showing a demolished building.

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“The terror country is doing everything it can to destroy us completely,” he accuses. “We must respond and we will!” said.

Before the war, Kupyansk had more than 25,000 inhabitants. It had been captured by the Russians more than a year ago in the early days of the occupation, but the Ukrainians managed to recapture the city last September.

At the beginning of the year, Moscow troops again attacked this sector.

Ukraine ordered defenseless people to evacuate the city in early March.

Source: AFP

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