Ukrainians attack in Russia and bomb village: dead and wounded | VIDEO

Four people died in a bombing in the Russian village of Suzemka, in the Bryansk region of Russia, near the border with Ukraine. Two other people were hospitalized. Governor Alexander Bogomaz, quoted by Tass, writes in Telegram. Earlier, Bogomaz had reported that the dead were two. The governor claims that a residential building was hit and accuses “Ukrainian nationalists”. The Russians, on the other hand, are still raging in Nikopol, in the south-east of the country, where several residential buildings have been damaged and there are electricity problems. And then there’s Kherson: it was the first major city conquered by the Russians at the start of the war, liberated by the Ukrainians in late 2022 but still the target of constant bombing. Muscovite forces, from beyond the Dnipro, continue to hammer the capital that had 300,000 inhabitants before the conflict, while specialized Ukrainian troops attempt river incursions on the opposite side. However, it is almost completely mined. It is not known whether the announced counterattack will start from here, if only because from the general staff in Kiev the news is trickling in.

Source: IL Tempo