The Ombudsman will issue a new early warning for Barranquilla

What was expected as an early warning from the ombudsman for the city of Barranquilla and the metropolitan area, in terms of crime, became a reality.

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It seems that it was a letter written after the fact. A truth contemplated in a document drafted as a “recommendation” to local authorities that ended not in a warning, but in reality.

In 2020, the institution that promotes and protects human rights warned of risk scenarios for the civilian population related to confrontations and settling scores between criminal structures for control of illicit economies and conflicts within criminal gangs for promotion in the hierarchies.

The Ombudsman’s message showed that the most vulnerable populations as a result of the presence and actions of the armed structures include formal and informal merchants, shopkeepers, human rights defenders, members or leaders of social and community organisations, children, adolescents and young people.

The file provided by the entity showed that they are carrying out their actions in the capital of Atlántico and the neighboring municipalities ‘Los Costeños’, the Central Renacer Block, ‘Los Papalópez’ and Los Vega.

In this way, factors such as confrontations, rebalancing and settlement of accounts between criminal structures for the control of illicit economies through assassinations converge in the risk scenario warned in the early warning. Which is currently reflected in the selective bullet killings in the city and surrounding municipalities, eventually linked by the same police with the motive of “territory control settlements for the sale of drugs”. ”.

Within the same denominator of the internal restructuring of the gangs, there are exemplary punishments such as dismemberment of bodies and the use of violence not only against the members of the hostile group, but also against their families. Specific cases that occurred in Barranquilla, such as that of Angelo CerraJaimes, killed and later dismembered in a hotel in the Ciudadela neighborhood 20 de Julio, in the month of June; and in Sabanalarga, in the month of November, this time in a hotel where José Daniel Castillo Querales was mutilated, or Yanbi. Both crimes are related to ‘the Rastrojos’: the first to the ‘Costeños’ and the other to the ‘Caleños’.

In turn, a new case of a mutilated person was registered in Barranquilla between the night of Thursday, April 27, and Friday morning, when the dismembered corpse of a man was found near the La Luz neighborhood. First his head and then the rest of his body.

Although Legal Medicine has not identified the victim, police authorities have hypothesized that it would be Amaury Antonio Barraza Acosta, or wig, alleged extortionist of ‘Los Costeños’, as they found his ID card at the scene. This medium learned that “Peluca” was imprisoned in 2013 for extortion.

Source: El heraldo