War in Ukraine, “Russia’s aggression”. China and India betray Putin

Unexpected passage about the war in Ukraine. Indeed, China and India voted in favor of the UN resolution referring to Russia’s “aggression” against Kiev. The resolution is entitled ‘Cooperation between the United Nations and the Council of Europe: resolution/adopted by the General Assembly’, as indicated on the United Nations website. The resolution does not focus on the war and instead calls for greater cooperation between the United Nations and the Council of Europe. In a surprising diplomatic move, China and India, two countries that have avoided condemning Moscow for its large-scale invasion of Ukraine despite repeated appeals from Western allies, voted in favor of a UN resolution explicitly recognizing “the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine”. » started in February 2022. The vote by China and India represents a very important diplomatic signal, and a novelty in the crisis of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict: understanding how it will be received by Vladimir Putin.

Source: IL Tempo