Mother Yara guilty of baby’s death: 3 years in prison and TBS

Mother Yara guilty of baby’s death: 3 years in prison and TBS

On October 1, 2020, the woman received GHB at home. He poured the liquid from a water bottle into a cork and drank it over the sink. Yara’s bottle was by the sink.


That same evening, Van der P. took drugs again. He may have lost consciousness. Realizing that Yara was “overweight” in the middle of the night, she called 911. The girl died in the hospital where she was admitted two days ago.

The court today ruled that the woman acted recklessly and was guilty of the death of Yara. According to the court, there is no evidence that he intentionally drugged Yara. But it is proven that his actions led to the death of Yara.

It is unclear how Yara obtained GHB. Van der P. said he hadn’t given his baby anything. On the day of Yara’s death, the woman was drinking crack, cocaine and GHB.

The Public Prosecution Service demanded a five-year prison sentence from TBS under unfavorable conditions. “The fact that GHB was in the house and the baby swallowed it at the hands of the mother, but it’s unclear exactly how that happened.”


Yara’s father, Dyon, read his statement emotionally at the hearing two weeks ago. He raised Yara with his mother. The father accuses the woman of having drugs in the house while he was with Yara, and now leads a life of torture and grief.

A psychiatrist and a psychologist decided that the woman had personality disorders. There is also a serious addiction problem. Clinical treatment and long-term monitoring are required.

Source: RTL