Hundreds Arrested Worldwide Over Online Child Abuse Footage –

Hundreds Arrested Worldwide Over Online Child Abuse Footage –

Hundreds of people around the world have been arrested in an extensive international investigation into child abuse images. The suspects emerged after connecting to an online database containing footage of the exploit.

The investigation into the database began two years ago in New Zealand, when an internet provider in that country alerted the police. The New Zealand police also led the international investigation and collaborated with the US FBI, Interpol and Europol, among others.

90,000 accounts

The services analyzed nearly 90,000 accounts linked to the database, leading to hundreds of arrests. “Many people who watch such material will continue to physically abuse children,” said Tim Houston of the New Zealand Department of the Interior. “It is imperative that we bring them to justice before they do any more damage.”

A total of 846 cases were investigated and then 146 were recruited into child protection programs. Arrests were made in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and Slovenia. According to the British National Crime Agency, those arrested were employed in primary schools, nurseries and churches, among other places.

To our knowledge, no arrests have been made in the Netherlands.

Source: NOS