Lots of sunshine for days, but sniffing air for hay fever sufferers –

Lots of sunshine for days, but sniffing air for hay fever sufferers –

icy nights

By the way, keep in mind that the nights are very cold due to this cloudless weather. It will freeze (a bit) in the coming nights and in the early morning mittens and scarf will not be an unnecessary luxury. You can put it back in your pannier in the afternoon, because then the sun is really beautiful, especially sheltered from the wind. And because the air is so dry, frost will almost make the roads slippery and it will hardly be necessary to scratch the windows. A warning for those who already want to put the plants in the ground: make sure they are frost-resistant.

You will also notice that because of this dry air indoors you will suffer more from static electricity. It can creak a little when you take your sweater off. And dry hands are also a typical phenomenon. For those who suffer from swimming in the winter, the weather is still ideal: the gloomy winter days are a thing of the past.

Sunny weather will certainly last until the middle of next week, but from the weekend the temperature will drop around 8 degrees. There is a chance of precipitation from the second half of next week, but that cannot be said with certainty, according to Huizinga. † So that we can enjoy this beautiful spring weather a little longer.

Source: RTL