War, Jens Stoltenberg: Ukraine will join NATO

NATO opens up to Ukraine. The secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, guarantees that the allies will not waste any more time and will soon allow Kiev to become an integral part of NATO. “I think it’s obvious that when NATO allies meet in July, the heads of state and government will send a very clear message of support for Ukraine, and that will manifest itself in many different ways. When it comes to belonging. I hope that NATO allies will say that Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance. Heads of state and government have said this time and time again”, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in his speech at the Democracy Summit in Copenhagen.

“All allies also agree that Ukraine has the right to choose its own path. It is not for Moscow to decide what Ukraine can do, it is for Ukraine and its 31 NATO allies to decide on the question of membership. And, of course, the door to NATO remains open,” continued Stoltenberg. “I also hope that we will agree on a multi-year program for Ukraine in which we will work on how to help Ukraine move from Soviet-era standards, doctrines and equipment to NATO standards, doctrines and equipment and become fully interoperable. with NATO. And of course for that, it also helps them move towards NATO membership,” he added.

Source: IL Tempo