Biden collapses in US polls. “Too old”, blow too hard

Biden collapses in US polls.  “Too old”, blow too hard

Failed across the board by Americans the work of Joe Biden. according to a survey President Apc-Norc has not convinced voters on the economy, gun control and immigration. It’s more of a beating for Biden in view US Presidential Elections 2024 after the voter’s concern about his physical condition, as well as whether he is handsome elderlythat emerged from the “focus groups” organized for the Washington Post.

biden formalized the candidacy in the elections in which he will have to face it against trump, who is increasingly determined to return to the White House. But it will be a climb. The latest poll shows that today only 33% of Americans approve of the US president’s current management of the economy, while only 31% support his line on firearms and immigration.

Source: IL Tempo